Male Infertility Underlying Causes

February 28, 2012

san diego fertility acupuncture treatments for male infertility a holistic approach to treating low sperm counts and infertilityInfertility is not just a woman’s issue, male infertility which account for roughly 50% of infertility issues.  In this article we would like to talk about some of the underlying causes of male infertility. Ultimately, we seek to offer hope through a holistic approach to male fertility through acupuncture and Chinese medical treatments at  San Diego Fertility Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Clinic.

There are many factors that can contribute to male infertility.

  1. Having a varicocele –   enlarged varicose veins that occur in the scrotum. They are fairly common, affecting 15% of men overall and 40% of men with known infertility.
  2. Chronic diseases, such as Diabetes, heart disease, endocrine system issues and cystic fibrosis which is shown to cause the inability to ejaculate in 97% of sufferers.
  3. STDs. Can cause scaring and infection within the testicles.
  4. Environmental factors such as  heat or toxic chemicals, radiation, gasses, lead exposure   can effect sperm quality &/or their endocrine system.
  5. Lifestyle unhealthy diet, stress and even some recreational sports activities can be a contributing factor to male infertility issues.
  6. Prescribed medications such as anti depressants, high blood pressure meds or antibiotics  and more may be the underlying cause.
  7. Recreational drugs For example marijuana causes male infertility, impotence and sperm dysfunction with decreased seminal fluid,  according to a study by University of Buffalo
  8. Hormone imbalance.

This is just a brief list of male infertility causes while in many cases the cause of male infertility is unknown.  This diagnosis of  “unknown causes”  can be quite frustrating especially for couples who are seeking to conceive.  So what can you do and where do you start when the cause of your infertility is unknown?

Before we start on how Acupuncture and Chinese medical treatments may help male infertility in some cases we highly recommend that both partners receive a through medical exam before any alternative or complimentary health treatments just to make certain there are not any unknown underlying medical causes . If you are  currently under medical care or taking prescribed medications that you contact your physician first for the ok to utilize alternative therapies in conjunction with your medical treatments.

Good News Study Shows That Acupuncture May Help Male Infertility.

According to a study published in the July issue of Fertility and Sterility acupuncture may help some men improve the quality of their sperm as well as helping to improve sperm count and over come structural abnormalities in the sperm.

The study of 28 males which were treated twice a week over a period of five weeks and were compared to a untreated control group.   The result was that the males receiving acupuncture treatments the number of normal sperm ejaculated were significantly improved

Sometimes a integrated approach can produce results:

Acupuncture works to re-balance the bodies systems and combined with Chinese medical treatment which addresses lifestyle factors, health, nutrition and stress and life style changes can greatly improve your chances of producing healthy sperm thereby increasing your chances of conception.

Typically treatment cycle is 3 months  to help you and your body help its self to get to optimal health.

Prior to your treatment your fertility acupuncture specialist will sit with you to gather your medical information as well as consult with you on a multiple of factors that could be the underlying contributing factors that may be at the root of your infertility issues.  Basically the whole idea is to move you as a whole person to better health and balance. The healthier you become the healthier your sperm becomes too.

Fertility and Chinese medicine also work well in conjunction with your traditional medical treatments such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and over the course of treatment many who may have failed initially find that acupuncture and Chinese medical support can improve sperm quality and fertilization rates in ART.

Acupuncture and herbal therapy can help increase sperm count, morphology, and motility levels, making it a great treatment option either with or without ART

SOURCE: Study by, Pei, J. Fertility and Sterility, July 2005; vol 84: pp 141-147.

Disclaimer: This article provided by San Diego Fertility Acupuncture is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to
diagnose, treat,  or prevent disease or health issues
. It is advised that you contact your physician first before implementing or adding any complimentary treatments.
Article is based upon the opinion, knowledge and experience of  San Diego Fertility Acupuncture.

San Diego Fertility Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Clinic is located in Encinitas California and provides integrative holistic care services to San Diego area men and women facing  fertility and health issues who are seeking to incorporate acupuncture and Chinese medial treatments  as a holistic approach to their fertility issues including as a compliment to current IVF, ICSI  physican treatments.

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