Joyous Moments – Thank you’s and birth announcements gallery
View our gallery of birth announcements and thank you notes from families whom we have helped. Our hearts are full and thankful to be able to help families realize their dreams.

Women’s Health and Hormone Balance Acupuncture Patient

“At a time when traditional medicine was not helping me Jessica with her acupuncture services did. Her knowledge of the female body, female heart, and what hormone imbalance can do to a person assisted her well in bringing my body back in balance.”


Acupuncture Fertility Patient

“Before coming in for acupuncture treatments, My husband and I went through three unsuccessful IVF procedures, each one a roller coaster, and then a disappointment. We decided to try acupuncture as a last effort in getting pregnant. We thought that we would give it a try naturally for a year and if that didn’t work, we would adopt. I had unexplained infertility so the whole not getting pregnant process was extra frustrating for me…I felt like there was nothing to blame or fix. Having a Western medical background myself, acupuncture and chinese medicine seemed like such a foreign concept. After a few months of getting acupuncture treatments, I felt my body slowly getting healthier. My sleep improved, my cycles became very regular, and I had less anxiety…I felt like I was taking my health into my own hands. After 5 months of treatment, we learned that I was pregnant with a baby boy, and we are now happily awaiting his arrival into this world. I can not express how grateful I am for Jessica’s knowledge, understanding, and application of Chinese medicine.”

Brigid H.

Acupuncture to help induce labor

“As I was uncomfortably waiting for my baby’s late arrival, I scanned the internet for natural ways to induce labor. My husband and I had planned on a completely natural childbirth, and my OB/GYNs recommendation of induction if the baby didn’t come within the next five days really scared me. I decided to try acupuncture to avoid an unnecessary induction. It wasn’t at all what I expected….the needles didn’t hurt and Jessica’s office was really relaxing and comfortable. I went in for two consecutive acupuncture visits….one on Monday and the next on Tuesday. We scheduled a third visit for that Wednesday that I didn’t make it to because I was in labor. Needless to say, I think that the acupuncture really sped along my delivery and helped me avoid unnecessary intervention. ”

Tamyra H.

Re-balancing the body and preparing for pregnancy

“I started seeing Jessica for acupuncture the week after I stopped my birth control pills in order to get pregnant. The treatments have been phenomenal. Not only have my periods been the most regular they have ever been (with or without birth control pills,) but I can really feel the difference weekly acupuncture has had on my whole body over the past 2 & 1/2 months. I have an increase in energy, my skin looks better, and my sleep is finally normal after a lifetime of anxiety induced insomnia. Jessica’s knowledge of reproductive health, Chinese medicine, and nutritional healing has completely transformed my relationship with my body and feeling great about trying for children in the upcoming months.”

Tanya E