Helpful tips for your second and third trimester of pregnancy symptoms

January 28, 2011

You may notice during your third trimester of pregnancy some new symptoms or some others that may be more noticeable to you as your in the final stages of your pregnancy and approaching labor.  Here are some quick tips to help you with your symptoms.


this is a huge complaint during pregnancy, especially in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Some easy things that you can to to combat this:

Eat a handful of prunes each night….this usually helps for mild constipation

Take a magnesium supplement at night( a good one is mama calm, by natural calm)…this supplement is also a great idea because it also works for sleeplessness and anxiety.


A good calcium supplement at night works wonders(I like new chapter’s bone strength) . Also if you dont want to go the supplement route for this, a cup of milk before bed is sometimes enough to calm it down.

Sciatic pain:

Make sure to support your hips and body when laying down and sleeping. Put enough cushioning between your knees so that your hips aren’t stressed overnight.

Try stretching at home or doing a prenatal yoga cd..(a good one is healthy mom, happy baby prenatal yoga by Fairhaven health)

Dizziness/ lightheadedness:

A great supplement during pregnancy as well as postpartum is floradix “iron + herbs” liquid iron. This awesome product will build your energy and iron without constipating so is fabulous during pregnancy.

Water swelling/ edema:

Make sure you are drinking enough fluids(mainly water) as well as putting your feet up periodically throughout the day. Massage works wonders for this….so have your partner or husband massage your feet and hands every night with a soothing peppermint lotion…yay!! Note most swelling is nothing to worry about but it is always  best to talk with  your doctor or treating medical professional about swelling of the feet and legs to rule out preeclampsia.

Crabbiness/ irritability:

Go outside!! Take a walk, try and get away from the hustle bussel of everyday life for at least 30 min a day. Of course don’t do this if you are on bedrest. Also, this may only apply to first time moms, since if you have other children at home it us virtually impossible ;o. … even more reason to enjoy it right!!

Acupuncture works wonders on all of these lovely pregnancy problems,
so give it a shot, and give yourself a nice relaxing break before your sweet but super exhausting baby comes along:)

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