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April 27, 2013

GMO’s are a hot topic in health and wellness today. Should you care if the corn, soy, or wheat that you consume is from a genetically modified crop?  If so, how do GMO foods impact your reproductive health? What are the long term consequences to you and your children?

With the amount of  conflicting information as to the safety of GMO foods who’s story do you believe?

We have put together this resource list that includes studies and reports on genetically altered foods and their impact on your health and wellness. 

Learn About GMO’s And The Impact To Your Health and Reproductive Wellness.

Video: Genetic Roulette GMO Youtube

GMO Reports & Studies – Focus on fertility, fetus and infant health

Articles on genetically altered foods: Impacts on reproductive health, babies and children


How to spot organic and “conventionally” grown produce by sticky label

On your produce, pay attention to the little sticky label.  The number on the label tells you  what it is vs. any marketing terms. We have all seen it…..”natural”….”healthy”, right?  This does not necessarily mean organic, or GMO free.  Did you know that producers are not required to disclose GMO so in theory they can label produce as organic even through it may be grown from GMO seeds.

Label numbers decoded:

  • 4 digit numbers are conventionally produced
  • 5 digit number beginning with a 8 is genetically modified.
  • 5 digit number starting with a 9 is organic

If GMO’s Are Not Bad then…… Why are they fighting  “Label GMO” efforts and allow the To Buy or Not To Buy consumer choice?

Common genetically modified foods.

Also keep in mind that packaged and processed foods may contain ingredients that are from gmo crops.

  1. Corn
  2. Soy
  3. Papaya
  4. Rice
  5. Tomatoes
  6. Rapseed (canola oil)
  7. Dairy ProductsCan contain dairy from cows injected with growth hormones or whom were feed with gmo containing feed which passes through into the product.
  8. Potatoes
  9. Peas

BIG List of GMO Products by type and manufacturer

You may be surprised by who and what is on the list from baby foods and formulas to every day items in your pantry.
See the list of GMO products by type, brand & manufacturer

You can also or download the pdf list by Center for food Safety

Good news is your voice matters:

While some products are heavily contesting and defeating labeling laws, all hope is not lost. Based on consumer demand, many retailers are now voluntarily starting to label (on shelves) which products are GMO free.  Much like they have labeled organic and gluten free.  This is great news.

Learn about: The Non-Gmo Project a opt’ed in Non-GMO product verification group.

Resource List for Non-GMO Foods by Type

Find Non-GMO Foods Certified Non-Gmo products list.
It may even be easier for you to see what is GMO Free verses having to remember a long list of GMO containing products.

In the end, it is up to you what you buy and eat.  From a health and wellness standpoint, at San Diego Fertility Acupuncture, we do highly advocate for trying to eat as cleanly as possible……….not just for you, but for your future children as well.

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