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Balancing Hormones with Seed Cycling

Seed Cycling is a great practice of eating specific seeds during certain times of your monthly cycle. Seed Cycling helps to promote a healthy balance of both estrogen and progesterone. With a estimated 20 percent of women experiencing irregular cycles and hormonal...

5 Ways to Boost Your Immunity

We are all in this together. While you are staying home, practicing social distancing and staying safe, it is a great time to refuel and boost your immune system. Food and Diet : 80 % of the immune system lies in the gut. Focusing on what we are putting into our...

PCOS Awareness Month

PCOS is the most common endocrine condition in women that can begin as early as puberty or develop during teen to early adulthood and new studies have shown that it AFFECTS 1 in 5 women. What does PCOS stand for? PCOS represents POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME and it can...

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Giving Thanks, A Happy Baby Moment

At SD Fertility Acupuncture we are so thankful to be able to help families realize their dreams of  bringing a wee little one into the world. We love it when they come in for a visit and share the joy.

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